Normal Public Library Teens

Blog Policy

This blog is intended to provide teens with information about books, library events and activities, and news related to teen services at Normal Public Library.  The views expressed here are those of the individual bloggers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Normal Public Library.  Links to outside websites may occasionally be posted on this blog.  While anything posted is intended to be relevant to NPL teen services, keep in mind that when you click on these links, you are leaving the blog, and we are not responsible for the content contained on these websites.

Comments are more than welcome – we would love to hear from everyone!  But there are a few guidelines to keep in mind before you hit that “submit” button.  This is a moderated blog, which means that all comments will be reviewed before they are posted to the blog.  You are responsible for anything you post in comments, so think carefully before saying anything you might regret later.  Comments containing profanity, personal attacks, or advertising are NOT welcome.  In addition, anything that is considered to be demeaning to others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability will not be posted.


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