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How to dance like a zombie

Posted by Kristi on July 1, 2010

Coming up in a few weeks, on Saturday, July 17 from 2-4, we’re going to do our best to learn the dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in two hours.  Now, if you’ve ever seen me dance (and you probably haven’t, because it’s just too embarrassing for me to do in public very often), you’re probably rightly worried about how this will turn out.  Luckily, you’re not completely dependent on me for your zombie dance training.  We’ll be using the official Learn the Dance video from Thrill the World, the organizers behind world-record attempting mass Thriller dances held every year. These folks know what they’re doing, and hopefully by the end of the session, we will too!  So come on out to the library for the best in zombie dance moves (zombie clothes and makeup not required, but certainly encouraged).  Meanwhile, enjoy this video of thousands dancing to Thriller in Los Angeles in last fall’s world record attempt.


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