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Writers’ Workshop

Posted by Kristi on September 10, 2009


So we’ve been trying to get a writing group going here over the summer.  I  know we’ve got a lot of writers out there among NPL teens.  The problem now that the school year has started up is that we’ve got to figure out a good time to shift our meetings to.  I’ve got our next meeting scheduled for this coming Monday, September 14, at 4:00.  We’re going to talk about NaNoWriMo and the possibility of developing a creative writing ‘zine.  I’d love to have some feedback about what you’d like to do at a writer’s group and when you think the best times to meet are.  Any suggestions?


One Response to “Writers’ Workshop”

  1. Aaron P said

    I’m going to be there for maybe 20 minutes, but i really enjoy coming so i figure if i can make even a little bit i should. most interested in the idea of a magazine or newsletter for the library teens. Book reviews are a must and maybe some short fiction, poetry or essays from the writing group would be an interesting section. It could include some of the art from those interested from MAC who are interested. See ya today.

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